Frequently Asked Questions

We see the system set up as a two process, which one step is about digitizing your daily operation. It would take 2-7 working days for us to set up a system for you to start operating includes selling tickets, generate a report and a full package of your needs to fulfill your daily performance exclusively for your internal team. The time spent on the setup also depends on your preference as well.

The second step would take 30 - 45 working days for us to build a brand new website and mobile application upon your request, this new build will enable you to expand your market capacity which you can allow OTA and agencies to connect to your inventory and sell your tickets. Plus, your customers can instantly buy your tickets directly from your platform. All in one control with less hassle, yet bigger market.
The system is simple and friendly to users who are familiar with basic computers and smartphones skill. Your staff may need half-day training to be able to use necessary features like sell tickets, receive packages, do logistics, see the information of passengers for customer care, etc. However, it depends on your team to give an estimated time spent trying to adopt the advance features like issue invoices to agencies, and lock a trip using a service calendar to name a few. Our team has to make sure that you are ready to go digital and make use of all given features for your daily operation.
Wheel offers you the ownership of your products that you can customize, edit and scale based on your business model and daily operation needs.
Once you adopt Wheel into your daily operation, you digitize your daily performance and that means you will need assets like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone if you haven’t had one. With WHEEL you will perform faster and understand your business more, but that would be beyond what you did with hand and paper records.
Yes, they do. Both logistics and transportation are built in the same system. You can use them on the same device or access them at the same time, without switching the system back and forth. Very Convenient!
You have to register for your preferred payment methods with payment gateway providers (third party) and manage it by yourselves for your best benefit. This may concern your financial management and it is good for you to be at the top of your own case flow, whereas, Wheel will focus more on technicalities regarding your operation only. However, you can rest assured that we will help you set up the payment method at your request.
Sure! You will have a lifetime support service. In addition, you can request us to change/update any features that you believe it helps your business. We can support you from afar using communication channels such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Viber or Facebook Messenger at your convenient choices. In case you need more training or guides, our supporting team will visit your staff and gain your requests.
Once the mutual agreement is signed, we will need some basic information such as branches, stops, vehicle types, routes, trips, etc. You will have to prepare a few contents such as vehicle images, official company’s logo and additional materials you wish to have it available on the system.

Once we gather all the contents, we will set up the system and information needed for your daily operation. At the same time, Our design team will craft a new prototype for your web and/or mobile application for you to approve first. When the design is all ready, our IT team will start coding for the final product for you. The whole process would take up to 30-45 working days.
No, it will not. Your data is stored with 24/7 security guaranteed. For more details, feel free to question us anything related to your data safety. However, in the case that you as the owner or third party access the system and make changes, we won’t be responsible for that.
We shall have an update of any features of the system if we found that it is useful for you but only after your approval.

Your system has a feature called “access group”, as a rightful owner of the system you can manage users within this group by offer access and manage changes on particular features.